Amaranth High Speed

The innovative printing blanket for modern heatset and sheetfed

  • Reduced ink buildup
  • Longer washing intervals
  • Very good resistance to swelling
  • Thermally stable cover stock
  • Optimum suppression of vibration streaks
  • Optimized paperfeed characteristics

Application and description

Amaranth high speed is the innovative solution for modern heatset and sheetfed offset. The product delivers a distinc tively uniform and stable gap-togap impression performance.

Amaranth high speed far exceeds service life expectations in practice and, in so doing, makes a major contribution to customer productivity.

With its optimized paper feed characteristics Amaranth high speed is suitable for the modern heatset press generation as well as for modern sheetfed offset presses. The reengineered compres sible layers effectively dampen printing machine vibrations.


Data Sheet Amaranth high speed
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Technical data

Colour Amaranth violet
Identification PHOENIX stamp with article and serial number
Thickness Art. 398: 1.96 mm / 0.077"
Art. 394: 1.70 mm / 0.067"
Elongation at 500N/ 50mm ≤0.9 %
Compressibility at 1350 kPa approx. 10 %
Tensile strength ≥ 3,500 N/50 mm
Reduction in thickness due to tensioning and setting ≤2 %
Hardness (total) approx. 82 Shore A
Surface rubber approx. 53 Shore A
Roughness RZ approx. 7 μm
Roughness RA approx. 1.0 μm
Transport behavior neutral

  • Delivered on rolls, packed freely suspended
  • With edge sealing and ink jet identification
  • Fast service
  • All cut sizes available with or without bars
  • Worldwide sales network