The No. 1 in UV offset printing

  • EPDM-Surface compound resistant to UV inks and aggressive washes
  • Extremely resistant compressible layer
  • For all UV applications
  • Good heat resistance

Certificate October 2008: Certified by manroland, KBA and HEIDELBERG for the use with UV inks.

Application and Description

Ruby CARAT is the leading product in modern offset printing and has made an excellent name for itself in more than 90 countries around the world.
In addition to its UV-resistant surface, Ruby CARAT is distinguished by a compressible intermediate layer that guarantees outstanding printing results and a long service life.


Data Sheet Ruby CARAT
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Fogra Certificate Ruby CARAT

Technical data

Colour      Ruby red
Identification      Brown thread woven in travel direction, PHOENIX stamp with article and serial number
Thickness      Art. 327: 1.70 mm / 0.067"
Art. 329: 1.96 mm / 0.077"
Elongation at 500N/ 50mm      ≤0.9 %
Compressibility at 1350 kPa      approx. 9 %
Tensile strength      ≥4,500 N/50 mm
Reduction in thickness due to tensioning and setting      ≤2 %
Hardness (total)      approx. 78 Shore A
Surface rubber      approx. 55 Shore A
Roughness RZ      5 μm
Roughness RA     0.6 μm

  • Delivered on rolls, packed freely suspended
  • With edge sealing and ink jet identification
  • All cut sizes available with or without bars
  • Worldwide sales network
  • Fast service