TK Bhadra

Technical Data Sheet for TK Bhadra Process Colors

TK Bhadra is versatile sheet-fed ink product and has good performance in all sheet-fed printing scenes.

The features of TK Bhadra
  • Excellent Gloss and Mileage on the press
    TK Bhadra is high color strength and has good transferability due to new vehicle technology. Transferability of TK Bhadra is excellent even on low quality substrate due to its rheological properties especially designed for rice bags & shopping bags.

  • Quick Drying and Setting on every paper
    New vehicle technology makes drying and setting much faster on low quality maplitho & paper board. Ideal for quick work & turn for reduced machine down time.

  • Duct Freshness
    TK Bhadra has long can-opening time and good stability on ink fountain and roller.

  • Good Emulsification Stability
    New vehicle technology can produce non-scumming from start to end on press scene. This performance make the density of printing matter stabilized on press.

The properties of TK Bhadra
Yellow Magenta Cyan Black
Tack 190 190 190 210
Flow(mm) 18.5 18.0 18.5 18.5
Viscosity(Pa.s) 60 70 65 65
Setting on Paper 8Min 12Min 12Min 12Min
Drying on Paper 4.5hr 5hr 5hr 5hr
Drying on Glass 24hr 24hr 24hr 24hr
Density 1.05 1.75 1.80 2.35
Gloss 80 100 115 110
Rub-resistance 3 3 3 3
Light Fastness 4 5 8 8
Alkali Resistance Yes No Yes Yes
Acid Resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alcohol Resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Light Fastness: Inferior1 ?8Excellent (ISO12040)
*Alkali, Acid, Alcohol Resistance: ISO2836
*Density: Gretag spectro-eye Status T