Metal Inkjet Plates

MetiJetTM PS

The World's Premium, Presensitised Positive-working Inkjet Plate 

Product Description

MetiJet PS represents a breakthrough in CtP technology. It offers the performance of high quality metal plates combined with low cost and simplicity of MetiJet Inkjet CtP system. Highly specialised and proprietary multi-layer top-coat makes it the world’s premium, presensitised positive-working long-run Inkjet plate that can be imaged on high resolution pigment-based large format inkjet printers (e.g. Epson Stylus Pro 900 series) and taken to the press for printing. The MetiJet PS plate is ideally suited for multi-colour on-demand printing by offset using high-resolution conventional (AM) as well as stochastic (FM / Hybrid) screens. MetiJet PS plates are designed to meet the needs of today’s printers : performance, ease-of-use, quality and consistency. 

Features & Benefits
  • Inkjet imaged, multi-layer system, positive acting, electrochemically grained and anodised Aluminium plate.
  • Computerised Laser Inspection System ensures supply of only zero-defect plates.
  • Each plate carrying a printed identification number for quality assurance.
  • Excellent dot resolution of 2 - 98%.
  • Consistent & dependable press performance eliminates downtime due to plate failures on the press.
  • Fast clean-up on the press minimises start-up & restart-up paper waste.
  • Excellent damping latitude helps maintain high ink density and low damp levels.
  • Very good resistance to alcohol and press chemicals.
  • Highly affordable upfront investment. Payback period of a few months.
Usage Instructions
Plate Type: Inkjet imaged, electrochemically grained and anodised Aluminium plate 
Coating: Multi-layer system, inkjet sensitive, positive acting
Gauge: 0.20, 0.28 & 0.30 mm
Maximum Width: 1500 mm
Safe Light: Yellow
Spectral Sensitivity: 360 - 420 nm
Recommended Ugra: Clear 2
Recommended Stouffer: Clear 3
Micro-lines Resolution: 10 - 12 microns
Colour Change: Green to Blue
Processing: Conventional wet processing using recommended positive plate developer
Run-length: 75,000 impressions
Storage & Handling: Unexposed plates must be stored in the original pack in a cool & dry environment.
Recommended conditions: 20o C to 25o C - RH = 55% to 60%.
Shelf-life: For optimum results use prior to the "best before date" specified on the pack label.


Recommended Processing Chemistry
Machine Processing: Posidev Powder Developer (300 gms pack diluted in 5L water)
Processor Replenishment: Posidev Powder Developer (diluted suitably)
Finishing: Unifin / NovaUniGum Finishing Solution
Deletion: Jiffy Deletion Fluid
Baking: Thermotect® Baking Solution
Storage after Processing: Unifin Finishing Solution for storage up to 24 hours.

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