Barring Plant

Barred Blankets using German Technology: having capacity of around 700 barred blankets a day, we can provide bar blankets to urgent needs within 24 hours.

State of the art barring plant in technical collaboration with phoenix to provide high quality barring solutions. Highly skilled employees to handle different types of bars.

  • Aluminium Bars
  • Steel Bars
  • Flat Bars
  • Shark teeth bars
  • Speciality bars


Cutting and Barring Plant
  • 85 inches Pneumatic Cutting table.
  • Inkjet printer for Bar coding
  • 2 Pneumatic Bar press.
  • Carousel (Loading Capacity of Around 1.5 Tons.)
  • 2 Glue Guns.
  • Bar cut off Machine
  • Baking Oven
  • Drilling Machines

Quality Control

Digital Bar pull test with heating system – QC done in every Batch