Our innovation for fast running newspaper presses

  • Optimized, slightly negative paper feeding characteristics
  • Reduced paper lint
  • Ideal for shaftless driven presses
  • Well-balanced motor power take up on individually driven cylinders

Application and description

Journal is our newly developed printing blanket for the modern coldset production.

With its hydrophobic carcass fabrics and its resistant surface technology this printing blanket guarantees stable conditions in production.

Through the optimized, slightly negative paper feed charactaristics Journal offers wellbalanced motor power take up on individually driven cylinders.

There -fore this innovation is ideal for shaftless driven presses in satellite design.


Data Sheet Journal
Product Overview 'Our products at a glance'

Technical data

Colour blue
Identification PHOENIX stamp with article and serial number
Thickness Art. 356 / 1,95 mm
Elongation at 500N/ 50mm ≤0.9%
Compressibility at 1350 kPa approx. 11 %
Tensile strength ≥ 4,000 N/50 mm
Reduction in thickness due to tensioning and setting ≤2 %
Hardness (total) approx. 82 Shore A
Surface rubber approx. 60 Shore A
Roughness RZ approx. 8.5 μm
Roughness RA approx. 1.4 μm
Transport behavior neutral