Xtra Sticky

Self-adhesive printing blankets for special offset applications
  • Removable without leaving residue on the blanket cylinder
  • Innovative tape technology
  • Excellent resistance against e.g. paper edge marks
  • Secure adhesion to the blanket cylinder

Application and Description

Xtra Sticky is our new development for special offset applications such as business forms, envelope or label printing.

High attention was paid to the development of the tape technology which guarantees the secure adhesion to the blanket cylinder. It is removable without leaving residue on the blanket cylinder.

The innovative surface compound is optimized for the dual use in UV and conventional offset printing.


Data Sheet Xtra Sticky
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Technical data

Colour Blue
Thickness     0.90–1.07 mm
Elongation at 500 N/50 mm      ≤0.9%
Compressibility at 1350 kPa      approx. 10%
Tensile strength      ≥ 2,000 N/50 mm
Reduction in thickness due to setting      ≤ 1 %
Roughness RZ      5 μm
Roughness RA     0.6 μm

  • Delivered on rolls, packed freely suspended
  • Cut sheets on request
  • Worldwide sales network
  • Fast service