Screen Printing Solutions

Screen Print Solutions

TechNova offers a complete range of screen products and services known as Screen Print Solutions that are specially designed for the screen printing industry. The product range includes emulsions, chemicals, varnishes, media, substrates and screen systems.

These products are designed to suit various screen print segments like Textile/Garments, Ceramics, Industrial & Commercial.

Our Screen Print Solutions can be used for a wide range of applications such as signage, vehicle graphics, decals, art-reproductions, graphic overlays, fabric printing, wall & floor tiles, optical discs and many more.

TechNova's Screen Print Solution includes the following range of products:

  • NovaSol SP 34
  • NovaSol 325
  • NovaSol 434
  • NovaSol 530
  • NovaSol 730

  • NovaSharp Opal
  • NovaSharp Crystal 125
  • NovaSharp Crystal 100
  • NovaJet Inkjet Clear Film - HD
  • NovaJet Inkjet Clear Film - QD

  • NovaSol Decoater Gel
  • NovaSol Decoater Powder
  • NovaSol Hardener

    Screen Systems
  • Process Colour
  • Spot Colour