Grand Canyon

The optimum Blanket for Spot Coating

  • Suitable for UV- and aqueous varnishes
  • Excellent varnish transfer
  • Optimized surface for varnishing application
  • For spot and full-surface coating
  • New! 4-ply carcass to continious use

Application and description

There is an increasing trend towards the use of varnishing blankets on sheet-fed presses.

For this application we have developed Grand Canyon, a blanket that meets all requirements for spot and full-surface coating.

The compressible layer guarantees easy, perfect cutting – whether this is done manually or using a plotter. The specially developed 4-ply carcass guar antees the continious use of Grand Canyon.

Equally suitable for UV- and aqueous varnishes through a newly developed face compound. Guarantees perfect gloss in both applications.

Grand Canyon guarantees the user a stencil depth of ≥ 0,7 mm.


Data Sheet Grand Canyon
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Technical data

Colour Blue
Identification      PHOENIX stamp with article and serial number
Thickness      Art. 352: 1.96 mm / 0.077"– 4-ply
Elongation at 500N/ 50mm      ≤ 0.9 %
Compressibility at 1350 kPa      approx. 10 %
Tensile strength      ≥ 4,500 N/50 mm
Reduction in thickness due to tensioning and setting      ≤2 %
Hardness (total)      approx. 78 Shore A
Surface rubber      approx. 59 Shore A
Stencil depth      ≥ 0.7 mm
Roughness RZ      5 μm
Roughness RA     0.6 μm
  • Delivered on rolls, packed freely suspended
  • With edge sealing and ink jet identification
  • Fast service
  • All cut sizes available with or without bars
  • Worldwide sales network